Friday, August 28, 2015

On level playing fields...........................

      My friend the Hawk and I were playing the first hole at Prestwick in Scotland;  the wind was howling out of the left.  I started an eight-iron thirty yards to windward, but the gale caught it;  I watched in dismay as the ball sailed hard right, hit the green going sideways, and bounded off into the cabbage.  "Sonofabitch!" I turned to our caddie.  "Did you see the wind take that shot?"
       He gave that look that only Scottish caddies can give, "Well, ye 've got t' play th' wind now, don't ye?"
      The professional conducts his business in the real world.  Adversity, injustice, bad hops and rotten calls, even good breaks and lucky bounces all comprise the ground over which the campaign must be waged.  The field is level, the professional understands, only in heaven.

-Steven Pressfield,  The War of Art:  Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Blocks

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