Saturday, January 11, 2014

All you can do...........................

Back in the late 1980's, a guy by the name of A. L. Williams wrote a book, All You Can Do Is All You Can Do but all you can do is enough.   As a self-help book aficionado, I'm mostly certain that I read it.  What I mostly remember though, is not the book, but the reaction of my favorite teacher, Jim Rohn, to the book title.  Rohn told the story something like this:  If you were to get down and start doing push-ups, and if after you had done five, you, and everybody watching you, agreed that five was all you could do, you would all be wrong.  Why?  Because all you would have to do is wait a reasonable period of time and do push-ups again, and this time you could do six.  Rohn would then ask, if five was all you could do, how come you can now do six?  In his rohnish way, Jim would call it a miracle.  His obvious point was that all we can do right now does not set the limit on all we can do tomorrow.  A little discipline.  A little time.  Miracles are possible.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger visited the local YMCA on January 2nd.   I've had a family membership for years, but had never personally used the wondrous facility.  Thinking that swimming might be easiest exercise for these old joints and this out-of-shape body to handle, I ventured into the pool.  Eight laps later, everyone watching would have agreed that eight laps was the best that I could do.  Flash forward eight days. Yesterday morning I managed sixteen laps, and anyone watching might have thought that a few more were possible. From eight to sixteen.   It's a miracle.

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