Saturday, January 11, 2014

Answering today's quiz question......................

Spoiler Alert:   If you want to read the question before reading the answer, scroll up to the 12:50 A.M. post. The source of the question, and the answer, comes from here.

Turns out the apple is everybody's second choice of pie.  Apparently a 12" pie is best consumed by more than one person and when feeding many, apple is the most acceptable choice for the group.  Once we set about feeding only one person (or a much, much smaller group),  a 7" pie will do (quite nicely, I might add). At this point individual, not group, choice takes over, and individuals apparently tend to value non-apple pies more highly than apple pies.  The easy lesson to be gleaned from today's quiz is that choice is good.

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  1. I read the entire story…another one of those guys who it would be great to have as a neighbor…..