Friday, January 10, 2014

Checking in with the Trend Czar..................

In theory, and according to the masthead, this blog has something to do with commercial real estate.  And here you thought we were all about cartoons. Occasionally then, a real estate centric post is required. There are some really bright observers of the BIG TIME real estate scene (read: New York and other major markets) whose opinions I enjoy reading.  Mind you, my little real estate business in my little world of Newark, Ohio bears almost no resemblance to BIG TIME real estate, but still......Jonathan Miller, aka The Trend Czar, writes a blog that I follow sporadically, and sometimes comment on.  His world view seems to slant toward the pessimistic, so a little bit goes a long way.   Anyway, here is his blog post welcoming 2014.

He opens with this:  "In the real estate world, 2014 will be more of the same. And so you want something more exciting and different? Look it could be a lot worse."  Good to know

After adding in all the reasons why the economy is lackluster, he adds this:  "So in the right place with the right product, we can make money."    Good to know as well, although, I would add to his "rights",  "at the right time."

He concludes with:  "Are we no longer the land of opportunity?"  

The view from Central Ohio would lead one to believe that opportunities still abound.  I think the Trend Czar needs to get out more. 

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