Thursday, January 5, 2012

If this is true............I'm in trouble

"But, just like I had to eat all of the vegetables on my plate
when I was a kid – - I bought the book, so I had to read it."

This quote was lifted from David Kanigan's latest book review.
One of the more undisciplined areas of my life falls under the
heading of "book buyer."  Over the years, I have bought books
because they were highly recommended by a trusted source,
because they looked interesting, because they felt good in my
hand, and just because.  My observant daughter, seeking to
fatten her purse, once told me that I needed to pay her $.25
for every book I bought until I had read all the ones that I had
bought but not read.  Not falling into that trap.  If I stopped
buying (or downloading) books today, the supply of unread
books would provide sustenance for years to come.  And yet...
yesterday I downloaded a book David recommended.  Go


  1. LOL. I hope I have not oversold this book with my review. If so, pls let me know and I'll wire you $.25. Thanks Steve. Dave

  2. No need to wire the $.25. I found the book well worth the investment. If I can follow its precepts, I'll write about it one of these days. In the meantime, my daughter needs the money. It's like part of her allowance. Thanks. S