Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is no wonder that...........................

......Seth Godin's blog is widely read and highly respected.  He
offers a different way of thinking about things..........daily.    A
smattering of excerpts from recent posts for your enjoyment:

"As usual, when confronted with two obvious choices, it's the
third choice that pays."

"This notion of lockstep started to inform all elements of our
culture. Not just what time rush hour was (what a bizarre
concept) but how old you should be to go to college and to
get a job and to get married and to have kids and to retire."

"........ The decision to work at a different rate than others
can be a significant competitive advantage.

"Celebrate New Year's when you want to, and as often as you
choose. They're your resolutions, not ours."

"So stop thinking about how crazy the times are, and start
thinking about what the crazy times demand. There has never
been a worse time for business as usual. Business as usual is
sure to fail, sure to disappoint, sure to numb our dreams.
That's why there has never been a better time for the new.
Your competitors are too afraid to spend money on new
productivity tools. Your bankers have no idea where they can
safely invest. Your potential employees are desperately
looking for something exciting, something they feel
passionate about, something they can genuinely engage in
engage with.

"You get to make a choice. You can remake that choice every
day, in fact. It's never too late to choose optimism, to choose
action, to choose excellence. The best thing is that it only
takes a moment -- just one second -- to decide."

"As soon as you accept that just about everything in our
created world is only a few generations old, it makes it a lot
easier to deal with the fact that the assumptions we make
about the future are generally wrong, and that the stress we
have over change is completely wasted."

"I'm often stunned by the lack of questions that adults are
prepared to ask."

"Is the weather the only thing you can think to ask about?
A great question is one you can ask yourself, one that
disturbs your status quo and scares you a little bit."

"If your plan will only succeed if there is no turbulence at
any time, it's probably not a very good plan (either that or
you're not going anywhere interesting.)"

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