Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out of the realm of abstraction.........

WRM has written series of essays (Yule Blog 2011-2012)
about God, faith, and the meaning of Christmas.  His New Year's
Eve entry, sub-titled Personal Meaning, is here.  Excerpt here:

"I won’t try to speak for Islam or Judaism, but to understand where Christians are coming from with this whole God thing, it’s probably more useful to think about the heart of the universe than its king. If you think of God as the source of the meaning that flows through people’s lives you will come closer to how Christians think of him than if you think of God as the universal lawgiver or even as the creator.

"Christmas takes the universal creator out of the realm of abstraction and brings him into our world. God is the baby in the heart of his family, the adored child whose presence gives new meaning and hope to the parents and friends. This is not God as the Punisher and the Avenger; it is God giving himself to the world out of uncontrollable, unstoppable love. For Christians, the familiar scene around the manger is among other things a way of saying that we can be at home in the universe; despite the immensity of stars and space stretching away from us on every side, the universe makes sense – and we are loved."

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