Monday, January 2, 2012

Worth pondering....................

"Technology. A wonderful tool that should not be allowed
to take over our lives."

"Remember: 'Where we're going we don't need roads'!"
-Steve Felix

"Success will go to those with the best questions, not those
with the cleverest answers."
-Tom Asacker, from his very excellent post Predictions for 2012

"It's just like the evidence that shows the most dangerous
people are those that have been taught some financial
literacy. They're the ones who go out and make the worst
mistakes. It's the people that realize, 'I don't know anything
at all,' that end up doing pretty well."
-Tyler Cowen, from this TED talk

"It’s a good metaphor for what life in this universe is: a situation we’re stuck with. We were born far along in its existence and we will die long before it changes or ends. Its conditions were created in a distant past beyond our comprehension through organic, emergent forces powerful beyond our measure. The sooner we can get over this, come to terms with it, and accept our infinitesimalness, the sooner we may be able to live properly and with perspective."
-Ryan Holiday

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