Thursday, January 5, 2012


"In 2009 the U. S. graduated 37,994 students with bachelor's degrees in computer and information science.  Not bad, but here is the surprise:  We graduated more students with computer science degrees 25 years ago!  In comparison, the U. S. graduated 80,140 students in the visual and performing arts in 2009 - more than double the number of 25 years ago!

"Few fields have been as revolutionized in recent years as microbiology, but in 2009 we graduated just 2,480 students with bachelor's degrees in microbiology - about the same as 25 years ago.  Who will solve the problem of antibiotic resistance?

"The U. S. graduated just 5,036 chemical engineers in 2009, no mare than we did 25 years ago.  In electrical engineering there were 11,619 graduates in 2009, about half the number of 25 years ago."

"Bear in mind that over the past 25 years the total number of students in college has increased by about 50%...."

"In 2009, for example, we graduated 94,271 students with psychology degrees at a time when there were just 98,330 jobs in clinical, counseling, and school psychology in the entire nation.  The latter figure isn't new jobs - it's total jobs."

-Alex Tabarrok, Launching the Innovation Renaissance

thanks Alex

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