Friday, October 16, 2015


So my Sweetie and I ventured to the wondrous Midland Theatre last night to partake in the Arlo Guthrie show (billed as "Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour).   In case you haven't figured it out from listening to Alice's Restaurant, Arlo is the consumate story teller; just one of those people you feel better for hanging around with.  When it came time for the singing of Alice's Restaurant, clips from the movie of the same name were played.  Turns out it was a true story.  Officer Obie and the 27 8" x 10" colored glossy photographs with cirlces and arrows were real.  The judge with the seeing-eye dog was also real.   Both played themselves in the movie.  The neatest part of the story was when Arlo explained how he and Officer Obie, who had not previously known each other, had nothing in common, and had no particular reason to like each other, eventually became "life long" friends.

He was great.  The audience was well pleased.  As a side note:  Arlo's daughter, Sarah Lee, opened the show.  She was a delight and clearly inherited Arlo's story-telling genes.  If the "Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour" comes to a neighborhood near you, do go.

Arlo closed the show with this song from father Woody:

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