Saturday, October 2, 2021

The hopeful birth.................................

 ......................of a sub-division:    Episode 7

Roughing in the building pads.

One of the things that makes this sub-division project hopeful is that we have already contracted for the sale of all of the finished lots with a production builder.  Our lot buyer is a NYSE company, so we know they are capable.   Having worked with some of their people before, we know they are both fair and particular about what they want.  One of the things they want are lots-ready-to-build-on.  That means, besides the obvious things like having all the utilities available at the lot, that the lots have been graded and compacted to their specification.  Once they get their building permits and buy lots, they can immediately begin construction.  All the earth work has been done - by us.

Adding dirt to build the pad up to its correct grade

Spreading and compacting with a "sheep's foot"

The borrow pit from whence the fill dirt comes.
More on this later.  The borrow pit will become
the storm water basin

The silt fence doing its job

building pads with finished rough grade


rough finished lots with roadway cut it

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