Thursday, August 18, 2022

Third port of call..........................

 ...............................Juneau, Alaska:

The capital city of Alaska is an interesting place.  Geographically, it is larger than the State of Rhode Island.  Population-wise, it is smaller (32,000+) than Newark, Ohio.  Not accessible by road, you can only get to Juneau by boat, plane, or being born there.  A major stop for the cruise ships, a significant part of the town is dedicated to tourists.  Our tour guide pointed to  the capital building, "the one with flags on top", but it took a while to find it.  A mere 12 miles from downtown Juneau is the Mendenhall glacier and Nugget Falls.  Well worth the morning trip.  During the afternoon we went whale-watching.  We saw humpbacks surface and use their blowholes.  Watching them use their tail flukes to dive was pretty cool.

Arriving in Juneau

As advertised

It borders on Canada, but is long way to anywhere else

I suspect they didn't pay a lot for the archicture

Panorama from the cruise ship

The Mendenhall glacier


Nugget Falls at Mendenhall

One amazing traveling companion

A calving from Mendenhall glacier

Hunting whales

Thar she blows!

Leaving Juneau after a full day

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