Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quotes worth pondering...................

"Gauguin complained that “thought does not exist” in
Impressionism. It doesn’t, but the Impressionists had no goal
except to open people’s eyes; and they opened enough of
them to reinvent art altogether."

"As my eyes lose their focusing strength, I can appreciate
the vision of impressionistic painters. There’s a softening
of not just what we see, but what we are, when we enjoy
the later years."
-Mme. Schezro, adding the second paragraph to this post

"A man standing in the broken shards of his life doesn't have any use for people picking up each piece and wondering aloud if this bit wasn't so bad. They never understand that the whole thing was worth something once but the pieces are nothing and you can never reassemble them again into anything."
-Greg Sullivan, dba Sippican Cottage, excerpted from here.

"The wise fool can be cryptic. He'll say the best way to see something is with your ears. Initially, this may seem weird, but after you've thought about it, you might agree that listening to a story conjures up more images than watching television."
-Roger von Oech, as excerpted from here
"Of course, this is the problem with most New Year's resolutions – that the only thing between us and our goals is self-discipline."
-Penelope Trunk, from this blog post

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