Sunday, March 3, 2013

The not-so-Simple Village Undertaker........

....plays a clip of what he calls "possibly the greatest defensive football play ever caught on video."  It is a pretty good play.  But...........for my money, the greatest defensive football play ever caught on video happened in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl.   Miami versus The Ohio State University for the National Championship.  The 'Canes were heavily favored.  The Buckeyes won and it was the greatest collegiate defensive football play that made it all possible.   The scene is early in the third quarter.  Bucks have a 14-7 lead and are on Miami's six yard line, driving in for the score.  Craig Krenzel, off of a play action fake to Clarett, throws a short pass into the end zone that is intercepted by Miami's Sean Taylor.  Taylor takes off running with the ball.  5 - 10 -15 - 20 yard line.  Uh-oh.  Maurice Clarett, OSU's freshman tailback, who had stayed in the backfield on the play to block for Krenzel, chases Taylor down from behind at about the 25 yard line and steals the ball right out of Taylor's arms.  Buckeyes ball.  Four plays later OSU kicks a field goal for a 17-7 lead.  Film clip about Clarett's freshman season is below.  The greatest defensive play ever happens about the 4:09 mark.  Enjoy - or argue for your "greatest defensive" play:

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  1. Well, our "greatest play" came immediately after a really poor referee call, changed the momentum of the game and had a much higher video quality..but hey, yours was better.

    PS..they still have not found his helmet yet.