Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A pretty fair prophesy.................

     Mead was prophesying a revolution with profound social and political consequences.  Influence in this new world would accrue to people who could produce computing power and manipulate it with software.  The semiconductor engineers of Silicon Valley had the specialized knowledge, networks, and stock options that let them write the rules of the future—rules that everyone else would have to follow.  Industrial society was giving way to a digital world, with 1s and 0s stored and processed on many millions of slabs of silicon spread throughout society.  The era of the tech tycoons was dawning. "Society's fate will hang in the balance," Carver Mead declared. "The catalyst is the microelectronics technology and its ability to put more and more components into less and less space." Industry outsiders only dimly perceived how the world was changing, but Intel's leaders knew that if they succeeded in dramatically expanding the availability of computing power, radical changes would follow.  "We are really the revolutionaries in the world today," Gordon Moore declared in 1973, "not the kids with the long hair and beards who were wreaking the schools a few years ago."

-Chris Miller, Chip War: The Fight for the World's Most Critical Technology

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