Saturday, December 6, 2014

Too many laws......................................

Ignorance of the law has long been held to not be a sustainable defense, but given the passage of some 40,000 new laws in 2014, how is one supposed to keep up with the criminalization of our daily lives?  Police Departments (and Grand Juries) around our fair land have been taking a metaphorical beating lately.  Maybe the answer is that we should ask them to enforce fewer laws.  One of my favorite blogs takes a look at the issue here.  Wee excerpt here:

This kind of race-based law enforcement is given the stink-eye by our friends on the left, but they can't seem to draw the obvious inference:  the answer is not better police.  The answer is fewer laws.  Decriminalize normal nonviolent daily activity, and the police will have a lot fewer excuses to harass people they don't like and who can't fight back.

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