Thursday, March 29, 2018

First you fix the roof......................

Faithful readers will remember that we are in the middle of renovating the old Newark High School, converting it into 29 apartment units.  We learned a long time ago that the first step in fixing an old building is to replace the roof.   All roofs, especially flat roofs, leak.  It is just a matter of when.   At the time we bought the building there were no roof leaks.  A year ago, there were.  Fixed that:

The original roof

The original vent stacks, no longer serving their useful purpose, all had to go away

The roof is not all flat.  There is a significant amount of slate.   Fortunately,
the 80 year old slate is in pretty good condition.    We did need to replace
all the flashing and ridge caps

A source of one of the leaks

The original roof system was comprised of a concrete deck, covered by wood
sheeting, covered by a  tar and felt paper "built up"  system, covered by
stone ballast.   Lasted a long time.

Rebuilding the parapet walls and replacing a lot of rotten wood decking

More of same

The rebuilt roof accessway

Fixing the parapet walls and adding cant strips

The almost finished product.   It will be finished once the plumbers and HVAC
folks complete all the roof penetrations they need, and all that work gets
properly flashed in.

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