Friday, December 28, 2018

Concerted action.........................

     The quality of your "concerted action in the marketplace" is really dominated by the force, or lack thereof, of your intention.  Most people think that intention just means saying, "I'll do my best."  When people say that to me, I run a mile.  "I'll do my best," is the mind's way of saying,  "I'll trot out there and play around doing busy work for an hour or two, and when the project doesn't succeed or realize its full potential, I'll be okay because I have my excuse already pinned on the wall."
    Your mind is your best friend, but it's also an enemy.  Not only because it has a vested interest in limiting what you believe you can do, but also because it has a way of selling you short.   Isn't it interesting that whenever a group of people set out to develop a project, that project usually falls short of everyone's expectations?  In real life, things never quite pan out the way one thinks they ought to.  Why is that?  Because the ego-personality is happy to spend four hours in a meeting talking about building apartments on the beach, but it isn't at all happy spending eight hours actually hauling cement or delivering sales pitches to prospective buyers.   Imagination and "concerted action" live in different neighborhoods.

-Stuart Wilde,  The Trick to Money Is Having Some

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