Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The power of acceptance..............

     In acceptance, we are now free to be in the present.  Once we have accepted our own true nature and the ways of the universe as they are reflected in our world, there is no longer regret about the past, nor is there fear of the future.  Fear of the future no longer exists when the past has been healed.  This is because in the usual ego-oriented state of consciousness, the ego tends to project the past upon the future, and a past that is viewed negatively becomes fearful when projected upon the imaginary future.  Our letting go of the lower energies of guilt, fear, anger, and pride has alleviated the weight of the past and cleared the clouds of the future.  We face today with optimism and are grateful to be alive.  We see that yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, and we have only today.

-David Hawkins, Letting Go:  The Pathway of Surrender

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