Sunday, December 5, 2021

The hopeful birth.............................

 .......................of a sub-division:  Episode 16


The only real pressure on this project was the need to get the asphalt paving completed.  Asphalt paving is subject to weather.  Once it gets too cold, usually around Thanksgiving, the asphalt plants close up, with no more deliveries of asphalt until Spring.   No asphalt, no lot sales.  No lot sales, big interest carry on the development loan all winter long.  Which is, I am sure my lender will forgive me, not a good thing.

 We started work on the sub-division later that we planned — the end of the first week of August.   A huge amount of work (Episodes 1-15) had to be completed before paving commenced.  Would we be able to get it all done in time?   Our contractor, Layton Inc., did an amazing job, their crews worked long days, and the weather cooperated.  90 days from commencement, we were ready for asphalt.  By mid-November, the base and intermediate coats of asphalt have been paved.  The top-coat will follow in the Spring.  At this point, however, after finalizing some agreements with the City, we are ready to sell 49 lots.  Yippee!

Paving the cul de sac is tedious

The asphalt delivery trucks had a busy day

One lane of the base coat is complete

Base coat complete, one lane has its intermediate coat

Base coat and intermediate coat finished.  Ready for the
homebuilder to get started

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