Sunday, September 4, 2022

The hopeful birth...................

 .........of a subdivision:   Episode 27: Progress Report

From time to time one should check one's work.  We started this project in early Spring of 2021 when we purchased, annexed, re-zoned, and planned out a 55 acre tract of land in the north end of Newark, Ohio.

Development work, bulldozers dozing, actually started on the first phase of Conor's Pass (49 building lots) at the end of the first week of August in 2021.  Thanks to the dedication (read: a lot of overtime) of the nice people at Layton, Inc., the construction of the infrastructure (water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm water lines an outlets, curbs, gutters and paving) was completed in the second week of November, 2021.  The weather man also helped, the weather last summer and fall was perfect for building roads.  We recorded the final plat (which actually creates the individual lots according to the County Auditor) in early December, 2021.  D. R. Horton, the home builder who is buying all of the individual lots, purchased their first thirty lots just in time for those sales proceeds to be included as income on our 2021 federal tax return,

Sometime in late spring of 2022, construction of the second phase of Conor's Pass (64 building lots) started.  All the pipe is now underground and the concrete curbs and gutters are poured.  Weather permitting (spoiler alert:  weather people are calling for rain) the asphalt paving will start late this week.   Hopefully, Horton will be buying more lots in 2022.

Feels like we have made pretty good progress.

The subject land in 2020

As of 9/1/22:  At the top, 44 houses coming out of the
ground in Phase 1.  At the bottom, part of Phase 2
with the curbs and gutters in.

Phase 2 of Conor's Pass awaiting asphalt paving

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