Monday, January 23, 2012

Find a way................!

"I found the road to wealth when I decided that a part of all
I earned was mine to keep," so says Arkad, the hero of George
Clason's tale, The Richest Man in Babylon.  Somehow, this is a
lesson that never gets taught in school. My generation decided it
was more fun to spend our money and then save what bit was left,
instead of following Arkad's method of first saving/investing a bit
of  money and then spending what was left.  It takes time and 
discipline to be an investor, maybe that's why so many neglected
the program.

Anyway, this all came to mind when I stopped by the local Chase
branch Saturday and saw this sign:

Thanks for the reminder.  Paying yourself first is the
only true path to financial independence.

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