Thursday, March 29, 2012

A night on the town...............

My sweetie and I took in a hockey game last night.  Growing up in Philadelphia during the Flyers' glory years, I've long been a hockey fan.  The Columbus Blue Jackets have a tradition of playing less than stellar hockey, but they were on their game last night, vanquishing Rob's favorite Red Wings, 4-2.  The Blue Jackets, over the years, have specialized in turning the puck over in their defensive side of the rink.  Turn overs in your own end almost always lead to quality chances by your opponent.   I think I counted only one such turn over last night.  It makes a huge difference.  Detroit's two goals came off power plays.  The Blue Jackets have a right to be proud of their hard working effort last night.  Thanks for the show, boys.

Our seats were almost too good, right behind the scorer's table

This mean person gets to spend two minutes thinking about that
nasty elbow he threw at that nice Blue Jacket .

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