Friday, September 21, 2012

Moral imperatives..............

Victor Davis Hanson questions the nature of 21st Century America.  He also suggests we have developed only the thinnest veneer of civilization.  Essay on Hanson by Emily Esfahani Smith is here.  Excerpt here:

Second, “Don’t have inflated expectations of human nature. Humans are not born, as Rousseau thought, as good people who need to be liberated. Rather, they need to be civilized. Thucydides knew that civilization was very thin. You need to preserve it. We are one blink away from savagery.” He sharpens his point by citing Occupy Wall Street. “Did you see all of the feces and debris on their campgrounds? Is this what 2,500 years of democratization and science have led to?

The Execupundit cherry-picked my favorite quote from the essay here.

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