Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today's history lesson...........

Grant and Eisenhower

"In the end Ike did what he had always planned to do, and just what Grant would have done - he used his superiority in numbers to advance on a broad front, from the Swiss border to Holland, day by day, with not showy tactics or sideshows, inexorably pressing the Germans back and inflicting on them losses they could not afford.  It was the Wilderness and the advance on Richmond on a larger scale, and it worked, just as it had for Grant.  The German army was better trained, better led, vastly more experienced, and equipped with better weapons, particularly in tanks, but none of it mattered;  Ike had his men, and he could replace his weapons thanks to America's industrial might - all he had to do to win the war was to keep moving forward, never retreat, and kill Germans in numbers they could not replace, and eventually they would collapse.  And so they did.
     "Grant would have approved.  He would have approved of the fact too that as president Ike was notably unwilling to fight another war.  He had seen one, and that was enough for him."
-Michael Korda, Ulysses S. Grant:  The Unlikely Hero

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