Friday, March 1, 2013

Reasons why I like living in Newark and Licking County.............

Reason #65:   Southgate Corporation.

     Readers familiar with Licking County will recognize the name.  For those whose memories need refreshed, go here.
     If the past five years has taught us anything, it is the importance to a community of having steady and reliable employment opportunities. Ample employment opportunities lead to a happy, healthy, and growing community.  Absence of those employment opportunities leads to - well, all sorts of unpleasantness.
      Ah, but how to get those jobs.  Businesses seeking to expand and/or relocate have untold options.  It is a big country.  How does a community of our size seeking to attract a new employer ever hoped to get noticed?  I'm glad you asked.
      One way is to have a brand-new 50,000 square foot industrial building available for immediate occupancy.  Easier said than done.  Such a building, including land cost and site work, will cost close to $2,000,000 to put up.  On top of that, the carrying cost, until a user for the building is found, is not an insignificant number.  A worthy venture, but not without risk - serious risk.
     Southgate Corporation has a forty year tradition of developing such industrial buildings on a speculative basis.  Sort of an "if we build it, they will come" philosophy.  It is a risky business, but  they have done it exceedingly well, and have properly prospered as a result.  So has our community.  Some 50 "spec" buildings later, Licking County finds itself blessed by a broad base of industrial employment operating out of those Southgate Corporation developed buildings.
     Now the good news.  They are at it again, building a new 50,000 square foot (expandable) building on one of their few remaining sites at the Newark, Ohio Industrial Park (see photo below).  As a betting man, I'm willing to wager that before the year is out, I will be posting about the new company coming to occupy this building and opening up with +/- fifty new jobs.  Can't wait.

New home for some lucky manufacturer

Interior of the new 50,000 square foot building receiving the finishing touches

The Newark, Ohio Industrial Park developed by Southgate
Corporation.  Construction of the new spec building started
after this picture was taken, but is is at the bottom of the
photo on the left side of State Route 79.

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