Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to organize and do stuff...............................

Two of my favorite blogger people were highly complementary yesterday.  

Cultural Offering suggested we complete "ten things every day for a happier you."  Not wanting to leave us hanging, Kurt defines what can, and what can't, be counted towards our ten.   Read it here.

The Execupundit suggested we can only accomplish stuff if we reduce distractions.  Michael says, "Let's face it. Many of us have attention spans only slightly better than that of a hummingbird."   Not being overly familiar with the attention span of a hummingbird, the Oracle Google was consulted.  If you trust, "I found that mostly hummingbirds pay attention for about a third of a second and then they're gone."  Ouch. Unfortunately, the reduction of distractions depends on our self-discipline.  Read  it here.

I am hoping the blogging counts towards completing ten things every day for a happier you and is not on the distraction list.  What say you?

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