Friday, August 23, 2013

An interesting idea..................................

.......on how to get rid of outdated, outmoded and otherwise silly governmental rules and regulations can be found at The Spirit of Enterprise blog.

It is fairly easy to bash Congress for their failure to act responsibly.  We've done that a time or two here.  And the notion that some independent BRAC-like entity is required to do the necessary pruning, would seem to add fuel to that particular fire.  Why can't they just do their job?

Congress doesn't really need me to defend them, but that's about what's going to happen next.

You may remember that a delegation from Licking County journeyed to the Capital back in the Spring.  Our purpose was to encourage the Central Ohio legislative contingent to continue their political support for the defense work being accomplished at the privatized-in-place former Newark Air Force Station.

One of the things that struck me at the time was the sheer volume of demands, often conflicting, being placed on Congress by We The People.  Until the American people begin to accept the responsibility for their own lives and stop seeking/demanding a governmental action to cure every ill,  real or perceived, we will be getting a Congress that is pulled, tugged, and hamstrung in every which way.  Considering some of the alternatives, I'm okay with that.

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