Friday, January 31, 2014

"fumbling around with the most misnamed thing in the history of the universe, the smartphone"

If you admire style in writing, stop by Sippican Cottage.  Greg's got style in spades............

"In my heart I knew my Palm Pilot couldn't do anything a geezer's battered daytimer and a pencil couldn't do -- except run out of batteries. A variation on a theme isn't an invention. But variation is all that matters now. Google's just the Yellow Pages, with those nasty ads from the back page of the indie newspaper thrown in. Craigslist is just the classifieds.  Facebook is just a dry-erase clipboard on some college girl's dorm room door, writ large, and with about as many emoticons. Come on, if you don't remember hearts over the "i"s and little kitties in the margins on the " I've gone to the mixer" message on her door, you haven't lived."

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