Friday, January 23, 2015

Damn good questions..........................

      It's true that biology and theoretical physics have brought us some fascinating knowledge about the origins of life and the formation of the universe.  But does knowing such things help us elucidate the basic mechanisms of happiness and suffering?  It's important not to lose sight of the goals that we set ourselves.  To know the exact shape and dimensions of the Earth is undeniably progress.  But whether it's round or flat doesn't make a great deal of difference to the meaning of existence.  Whatever progress is made in medicine, we can only temporarily treat sufferings that never stop coming back, and culminate in death.  We can end a conflict, or a war, but there will always be more, unless people's minds change.  But, on the other hand, isn't there a way of discovering an inner peace that doesn't depend on health, power, success, money, or the pleasures of the senses, an inner peace that's the source of outer peace?
-Matthieu Ricard, as excerpted from here

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