Friday, January 9, 2015

More fun with predictions...................

Ten  Surprises for 2015 from Byron Wien.  Some good and some bad.  Two samples:

2.  Our luck runs out on cyber terrorism.  Hackers invade the personal and corporate accounts of a major money center bank and the Federal Reserve orders the institution to suspend transactions for five business days while the accuracy of its balances is verified.  Various government departments and agencies are mobilized to deal with the problem caused by the hackers having proved to be more skillful than our corporate cyber security efforts. 

7.  The drop in the price of oil finally has an impact on Iran.  The country was dependent on its sale of crude to offset the impact of sanctions.  The economic weakness resulting from the unexpected decline in oil finally forces a conciliatory attitude on the part of its nuclear negotiators.  Pressure to cease nuclear weapons development comes from the Iranian people as well, as they seek more economic opportunity.  An agreement to roll back its weapons program is greeted positively throughout the region and world equity markets rally briefly on the news.  

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