Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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     The statutes of limitations have run.   For noncapital crimes, the commonwealth's is six;  the federal one is five.  Nobody killed anybody, at least as far as I know, successfully defending Billy Ryan.
      But then I didn't always know a lot, defending Billy Ryan, including, until much later, all who'd been involved.  So there may still be a couple loose ends that I haven't spotted yet.  Nevertheless, so far as I can tell, two of us who seem to have taken part in Billy Ryan's defense now survive to tell the tale.  The other fellow's given his permission to report on it on the provision that he will, if questioned by any other person, stoutly deny the whole of it, and say I made it up.  So although he is my client, I violate no privilege in giving this account.  And I've known him a long time.  If you question him, he will do exactly what he promised, and deny every syllable.  Cadillac Teddy's like  that:  as variable as the Maytime breeze, but he never makes a threat he's unprepared to carry out.

-George V. Higgins,  Defending Billy Ryan

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