Thursday, June 25, 2015

A fair piece of writing.............................

     He crossed the bridge at Penryn a half-hour after sunset, as dusk was closing into night, and it may be that the sharp, frosty air had a hand in the cooling of his blood.  For as he reached the river's eastern bank he slackened his breakneck pace, even as he slackened the angry galloping of his thoughts.  The memory of that oath he had sworn three months ago to Rosamund smote him like a physical blow.  It checked his purpose, and, reflecting this, his pace fell to an amble.  He shivered to think how near he had gone to wrecking all the happiness that lay ahead of him.  What was a boy's whip-lash, that  his resentment of it should set all his future life in jeopardy?  Even though men should call him a coward for submitting to it and leaving the insult unavenged, what should that matter?  Moreover, upon the body of him who did so proclaim him he could brand the lie of a charge so foolish.  Sir Oliver raised his eyes to the deep sapphire dome of heaven where an odd star was glittering frostily, and thanked God from a swelling heart that he had not overtaken Peter Godolphin whilst his madness was upon him.
-Rafael Sabatini,  The Sea-Hawk

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