Saturday, May 14, 2016

At age 64 (did I mention I'm 64),..........

...........I seem to have dispensed with this whole "need for speed" thing.  Friend John E. Smith wrestles with the speeding up of life - here.   A wee excerpt:

"I mentioned some reasons why speed might be important at the beginning of all this.  Those and other good examples of real reasons to move quickly aside, many of us have adopted a 'Speed Is Good' mentality, which we often apply without question or distinction to every part of our lives.

"When we accept that mentality, we tend to expect things to be faster, whether an objective reason for increased speed exists or not.  We now become very irritated and start pounding on inanimate objects simply because they do not deliver results as quickly as we expect them to do.
"We are an impatient species these days."

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