Thursday, June 2, 2016

Can't we all just get along.......................?

Megan McArdle asks for a fair-minded discussion about a fairly important topic.   Good luck with that:

The arguments about global warming too often sound more like theology than science. Oh, the word “science” gets thrown around a great deal, but it's cited as a sacred authority, not a fallible process that staggers only awkwardly and unevenly toward the truth, with frequent lurches in the wrong direction. I cannot count the number of times someone has told me that they believe in “the science,” as if that were the name of some omniscient god who had delivered us final answers written in stone. For those people, there can be only two categories in the debate: believers and unbelievers. Apostles and heretics.

As they say in our neighborhood, read the whole thing (including the Coyote Blog posts she references).

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