Sunday, August 28, 2016

A free lunch...................

That's is correct.  $1.60 to fill the car up.  Not $1.60 per gallon, $1.60 for 14.707 gallons.   Perhaps an explanation is due:  a month or so I got something in the mail from a credit card company.  I've had their card for ages, but rarely use it.  Their advertisement suggested riches awaited me if I would but use their card.  (You should know, faithful reader, that we pay our credit card balances off in full promptly when the bills arrive.  No credit card interest rates at this house, but please don't tell them that.)  So, trusting to the fates, for the past month their card has been the only one I've used.  If they keep this up, it will likely be the only one I ever use.  Stay tuned.

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