Friday, February 24, 2017

It is never to late to study up............

Audited a history course, The Late Antiquity,  at my alma mater last semester.  The professor was interesting enough to get me to sign up for his follow-on course, Origins of Europe: Medieval Society, this semester.  The former covered the years 200 C.E to 1000 C.E..  The latter covers 1000 C.E. to about 1400.  Candidly, those are way too many centuries to cover in depth in just one semester.  What one gets is a whetting of the appetite for a few of the particulars.  So, as happens with the serendipitous nature of the Intertunnel, this blog post was discovered, and the links followed.  Oh, my!   Amazon has been consulted and the mailman put on alert.

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