Thursday, February 9, 2017

On fudging the data........................

There have been a number of Intertunnel sites suggesting that all is not well in the wide, wide, world of climate science.  Faithful readers will know that I believe the climate is always changing and, for most forms of life, warmer is preferable to colder. Panic does not seem appropriate.  Regardless, there are reports of "adjustments" and other shenanigans regarding the collection of temperature data.  Truth is an elusive commodity in the new millenium, but if one wants to trust someone, my choice would be to trust Matt Ridley, aka my favorite optimist.  His post here is worth the read.

In the meanwhile, I will contend that, for the past 4,530,000,000 or so years, this fiery orange ball

likely has more to say about our climate than anything we might do.

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