Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Let's dance...................

People don't believe what you believe.
     They don't know what you know.
     They don't want what you want.
     It's true, but we'd rather not accept this.
     Sonder is defined as that moment when you realize that everyone around you has an internal life as rich and as conflicted as yours.
     Everyone has noise in their heads.
     Everyone thinks they are right, and that they have suffered affronts and disrespect at the hands of others.
     Everyone is afraid.  And everyone realizes that they are also lucky.
     Everyone has an impulse to make things better, to connect and to contribute.
     Everyone wants something that they can't possibly have.  And if they could have it, they'd discover that they really didn't want it all along.
     Everyone is lonely, insecure, and a bit of a fraud.  And everyone cares about something.
     As a marketer, then, we have little chance of doing marketing to others, in insisting that they get with our program, that they realize how hard we've worked, how loud the noise is in our heads, how important our cause is . . .
     It's so much more productive to dance with them instead.

-Seth Godin, from This Is Marketing:  You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

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