Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Gestures are all that I have;  sometimes they must be grand in nature.  And while  I occasionally step over the line and into the world of melodramatic, it is what I must do in order to communicate clearly and effectively.  In order to make my point understood without question.  I have no words I can rely on because, much to my dismay, my tongue was designed long and flat and loose, and therefore, is a horribly ineffective tool for pushing food around in my mouth while chewing, and an even less effective tool for making clever and complicated polysyllabic sounds that can be linked together to form sentences.  And that's why I'm here now waiting for Denny to come home—her should be here soon—lying on the cool tiles of the kitchen floor in a puddle of my own urine.
      I'm old.  And while I'm very capable of getting older, that's not the way I want to go out.  Shot full of pain medication and steroids to reduce the swelling of my joints.  Vision fogged with cataracts.  Puffy, plasticky packages of Doggy Depends stocked in the pantry.  I'm sure Denny would get me one of those little wagons I've seen on the streets, the ones that cradle the hindquarters so a dog can drag his as behind him when things start to fail.  That's humiliating and degrading.  I'm not sure if it's worse than dressing up a dog for Halloween, but it's close.  He would do it out of love, of course.  I'm sure he would keep me alive as longs as he possible could, my body deteriorating, disintegrating around me, dissolving until there's nothing left but my brain floating in a glass jar filled with clear liquid, my eyeballs drifting at the surface and all sorts of cable and tubes feeding what remains.  But I don't want to be kept alive.  Because I know what's next.  I've seen it on TV.  A documentary I saw about Mongolia, of all places.  It was the best thing I've ever seen on television, other than the 1993 Grand Prix of Europe, of course, the greatest automobile race of all time in which Ayrton Senna proved himself to be a genius in the rain.  After the 1993 Grand Prix, the best thing I've ever seen on TV is a documentary that explained everything to me, made it all clear, told the whole truth:  when a good is finished living his lifetimes as a dog, his next incarnation will be as a man.

-Garth Stein,  The Art Of Racing In The Rain

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