Friday, January 29, 2021

The Wonder that is the Intertunnel...........

 There is this guy I don't know, but whose style I admire.    He advises, via this medium, a friend I do know, and whose style I also admire, to read a certain book.  Sounded good to me, so I ordered it (not from Amazon - I am done with them for a while, but that is another story).  In no time the book arrives and, unsurprisingly, jumped to the top of the stack.   It is a collection of essays from Russell Lynes.  Here is the opening paragraph to the opening essay:

Some years ago a magazine no longer published but then widely read and respected asked me to write a piece about the "rat race."  I did and was paid for it, but it languished in the editor's "hold" file for a long time and then disappeared without a trace.  My thesis, evidently not agreeable to the editor, was that each of us makes his own rat race, that it is not an inevitability imposed by the nature of society, and that those who are caught in it are there essentially because they choose to be.

I'm going to enjoy this book.  Expect to see more.

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