Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The hopeful birth........................

 ..............of a sub-division:  Episode 21

Having sold all 49 of the lots in Phase 1 of Conor's Pass sub-division, we responded by beginning the 64 lot Phase 2.  The weather has been iffy and wet, but it's April in Ohio, expecting anything different would be silly.  Still progress is being made:

Topsoil stripped and building pads being created

Different soil types needed in different places

A borrow pit, source of compactible soil

this non-compactible topsoil will fill the borrow pit

Next step is to connect to the main sanitary sewer trunk line

The sewer trunk line is near the Licking River.  Need to lose
the water before we can connect.

Getting there

No supply chain issues for the sewer structures this year

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