Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Wilds..................................

Not too long ago, my Sweetie and I took a day off and communed with the wild animals at the Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio.  Occupying more than 10,000 acres of reclaimed coal strip mines, The Wilds is a jewel worth visiting.  Just as a head's up: go after mid-May.  They keep the giraffes indoors until the weather gets into the 60's.

View from our Yurt's porch

Inside of "our" Yurt

Bactrian Camel

Persian Onager

A hillside of Sichuan Takins

Can't tell my rhinos apart

Sichuan Takin


More rhinos

some variety of deer

Simitar-Horned Oryx


even more cheetahs

Grevy's Zebra


African Painted Dogs

When we arrived home, the rookie camera operator shot these guys in the back yard:

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