Wednesday, August 24, 2022

End of the trip.......................

Denali National Park and Preserve is home to Denali, at 20,310 +/- feet above sea level, the highest mountain in North America.  We traveled there via a five-hour bus ride north from Anchorage.  Alaska is a mighty big state.  

When I was a youngster, we learned to call the peak Mt. McKinley.  The natives never called it that, and in 2015 it was officially renamed.   The Denali National Park contains about six million acres and is accessed by one wee roadway.  I got the idea that visitors were welcomed to look, mostly from a distance, with the intent being to leave the acreage wild and mostly unvisited.  They have succeeded in that.  All in all, it is a pretty amazing place.  If you get the chance, go.

The Alaskan Range

The Alaskan Range takes in a lot of territory

Pretty fair hiking country

From 60 miles away, mostly shrouded in clouds, we
think the big thing in the middle is Denali


Interestingly enough, we were told on multiple 
occasion: "Run from a moose."  They are not out to
get you, they may charge you simply because they
want to be left alone.  On the other hand, we were
told on multiple occasions: "Don't run from a bear.
If you run they think you are dinner.  Stand in a 
group, raise your arms to look bigger, make noise.  
Don't run."   Never had to make either decision.

Traveling by train back from Denali to Anchorage to
get on an airplane back to Ohio.  Here we are sitting
in the upper deck with great views, we dined in the
lower deck.  Very civilized way to travel.  

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