Sunday, August 21, 2022

spoils of war..........................

       There was no hope for the villagers. Column after column of marauding invaders swarmed the area, herding their victims into a tight circle, relentlessly closing off all avenues of escape. Then the attack began. I couldn't believe the extraordinary strength of the invading hordes as they bore aloft, seemingly effortlessly, the spoils of war, their helpless enemies. As I watched them from my outpost hour after hour in utter fascination, I couldn't decide whether these soldiers reminded me more of highly disciplined Roman soldiers or pillaging Vikings. 

    "Don't get bitten, Boydie," Kate warned me. "They've got really powerful jaws, and you might not be able to pull them off." Like me, she was stationed with her bum in the air, eyes and ears down in the dirt, watching the Matabele ants execute their raid on the termite nest.

- Boyd Varty, Cathedral of the Wild


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