Sunday, August 21, 2022

In search of........................

.......................... Hubbard Glacier:

When one looks at the map of the Hubbard Glacier, it sounds silly that we were in search of it.  Yet, that is what is seemed like.  It was a dreary, overcast morning.  The cloud cover was very low as the ship  entered Yakutat Bay.  Just seeing the mountains lining the bay was a challenge at times.  Looking at the water, it was clear from all the ice floating that a glacier was near.  Amazingly, just as it had done all through the cruise, when we got the the right spot, the rain and clouds abated and the sun came out—and there was Hubbard Glacier in all its glory.

They tell us that, unlike many other glaciers, Hubbard Glacier continues to grow, doing interesting things with the waterways around it as it does.  Click on the link above for more information.

Glacial litter


There is a glacier out there somewhere

Ah, we found it

Glaciers are noisy.  As the ice cracks and calves, it sounds
like the roar of thunder

You don't want to get too close.  If it calves, the resulting ice
berg - "the size of a ten story building" - will bob up and out.

Glacier watching experts

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