Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This blog believes that, individually and collectively, we have a
spending problem.  Here, one facet of that gets discussed:

"For many compulsive spenders, Stuff is comforting.  When
these people buy things (even on credit), they feel wealthy.
But in time, Stuff becomes clutter.  One of the great things
about setting goals and recognizing what gives meaning to
your life is that it helps you differentiate the Stuff from
what's important."

"Stuff plays a huge role in your happiness - or unhappiness.
Stuff costs money to buy, store, move, and maintain.  But
the costs aren't just financial.  There's a mental toll to
having too much Stuff: You thing about it and worry about
it; it becomes a burden.

"There's nothing wrong with owning things you use and
value.  The problem is accumulating Stuff you never use. 
The best way to cope with Stuff?  Don't let it into your
home in the first place."

-Excerpted from J.D. Roth's Your Money: the missing manual

P.S.   Just for the record - books are not "stuff."

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