Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Opening paragraphs.............

"Now at last the slowly gathered, long-pent-up fury of the storm broke upon us.  Four or five million men met each other in the first shock of the most merciless of all the wars of which record has been kept.  Within a week the front of France, behind which we had been accustomed to dwell through the long years of the former war and the opening phase of this, was to be irretrievably broken.  Within three weeks the long-famed French Army was to collapse in rout and ruin, and the British Army to be hurled into the sea with all its equipment lost.  Within six weeks we were to find ourselves alone, almost disarmed, with triumphant Germany and Italy at our throats, with the whole of Europe in Hitler's power, and Japan glowering on the other side of the globe.  It was amid these facts and looming prospects that I entered upon my duties as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and addressed myself to the first task of forming a Government of all parties to conduct His Majesty's business at home and abroad by whatever means might be deemed best suited to the national interest."
-Winston Churchill,  Their Finest Hour

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