Friday, August 31, 2012

Tigerhawk writes a love letter..................... the "academic left," asking for a wee bit of understanding for the trials and travails (and successes) of the small business person.  Letter here.  Excerpt here:

"Business is a creative act, an expression of the human spirit no less noble than art, letters, philosophy and other inquiry, the learned professions, or philanthropy. When you insult or inhibit a person's business, you are invalidating his creative act.


  1. The above paragraph is a good one - and there are excellent thoughts throughout the total piece. And I also agree that academics, can be highly insulated in their opinions and their culture.

    But the moment he targeted "left liberal academics", he politicized his argument and polarized the audience. Any opinion I have now would have to be put into the context of politics - and politics poisons everything it touches.

    A blogger we both know once wrote back to me that partisanship is a good thing and leads to spirited debate. But that is not what partisanship has evolved into - now it's just simply name calling and branding...with very hot irons.

    Damage has been done from both sides of the political aisle - whether they are liberal lefties or right wing religious republicans. And I think I just proved my point above...

    - J.

  2. Point well taken. Thanks for taking the time and energy to spell it out. I don't know, and won't speak for, Tigerhawk. Having checked in on his blog over the years, he clearly has a political bias, and he also seems to have a more than passing interaction with academia. He also writes well and sometimes posts some cool pictures. So I visit his blog periodically. His comment about business being a creative act resonated with me, ergo the post. Hope all is well. S