Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What a great country we live in...................

     Monday is a "looked forward to" kind of day, mostly because that is the day our friendly mail man kindly drops off at the house  the latest issue of The Economist.  Picking up the magazine after dinner, I quickly discover - actually I already knew because of the Intertunnel - that George Mitchell is featured in the Schumpeter essay.  (One of the first things one does when reading The Economist is look for the Schumpeter essay.)
     George Mitchell is one of those people that makes one glad to be a part of the human race.  What an interesting man!  I thought to myself, while reading the essay, that I would certainly buy a biography of Mitchell.  Then the thought...........I wonder if one has already been published?  The Amazon Book Store was quickly consulted.   No biography as such, but there was a book, George P. Mitchell and The Idea of Sustainability.  Through the magic of Kindle  (Sorry Jeff.  I only kindlize books when the immediate gratification itch needs scratched.), I now have a copy of said writing.  If someone does choose to publish a biography of George P. Mitchell, consider me a buyer for your book.
     You may read the whole Schumpeter essay on Mitchell here.   I hope you will not content yourself with this wee excerpt:

Mr Mitchell was also the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. He did not discover shale gas and oil: geological surveys had revealed them decades before he started. He did not even invent fracking: it had been in use since the 1940s. But few great entrepreneurs invent something entirely new. His greatness lay in a combination of vision and grit: he was convinced that technology could unlock the vast reserves of energy in the Barnett Shale beneath Dallas and Fort Worth, and he kept grappling with the unforgiving rock until it eventually surrendered its riches.

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